3 reasons why you should choose a square wedding cake

When I ask my couples what shape they are considering for their wedding cake; I am often presented with a bemused look! Many couples assume that there isn’t a choice – no doubt most, if not all of the weddings they have previously attended have featured round cakes, as is the ‘tradition’. However, I’m here to dispel this myth and encourage you to consider a square cake design for your wedding! Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. Wow factor – pure and simple. Because most couples opt for the more traditional round cake option, square cake designs have more of a wow factor, as its relatively unusual for a couple to opt for this style of cake.

2. Square cake designs add a real contemporary feel to your wedding and wedding day styling. They create a real focal/talking point for your guests due to their modern, structural aesthetic.

3. On a more practical level, square designs are more economic from a number of servings perspective. There is an element of wastage with round designs as the curved edges are often cut off and discarded to achieve even portions when cutting, which you don’t have with square designs. As an example, a 10″ round cake would give you approximately 65-70 finger portions, whereas a 10″ square design will give you around 100 finger portions!

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I hope this blog encourages you to consider a square cake design for your wedding 🙂

Image credits:

Image 1 &2 – Jamie Edward Photography at Somerley House

Image 3 & 4: Trilion Productions at Froyle Park country Estate

Image 5: Melissa Megan Photography

Warm wishes, Louise x

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