Contemporary, textured wedding cake inspiration

As a lover of contemporary design, texture is one of my go-to techniques to achieve an ultra-modern look. There are many ways to add texture to a design and I explore just a few of these (there are many, many more!) below…

Draping to add length/height

Draping is one of my favourite ways to add texture to a cake design. Draping gives the illusion of fabric, movement and delicacy. It’s also a great way to add height, and therefore a touch of ‘drama’ to a design.


Coloured marbling patterns in different shades adds depth and complexity to a design – no two marbled patterns are the same, making a truly unique cake.

Multi textured cakes

Contrasting textures (that also compliment each other) can create a beautifully interesting design! A marbled effect tier with multi-textured elements on top such as wafer shards, sugarpaste leaves and sugar flowers, like in this design below, work seamlessly together to create a truly unique, edible work of art.

Sugarpaste ‘overlays’

Sugarpaste overlays, like these designs shown below, are a great way to add texture and additional depth to a cake. The textured overlays in these designs provide a great contrast against the clean, sharp fondant underneath. Add in a rough edged finish and it really draws in the eye of your guests!

In short, there any many different ways to add texture to a cake design – and texture adds interest, making your wedding cake truly memorable! Here are some more of my favourite designs that include textural element…

Image credits:

  • Melissa Meghan Photography
  • Aga Hosking Photography
  • Hannah Argyle Photography
  • Jamie Edward Photography
  • John Barwood Photography
  • Murray Clarke Photography
  • Laura Viecelli Photography

Warm wishes, Louise x

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